Keller Covered

Keller Covered is a fast way for clients to find ideal insurance policies.
Keller Williams
UI & UX Product Design Visual Design

Keller Covered

Keller Covered is an insurance aggregator - think google flights for homeowner and renters insurance policies. Keller Covered is a simple, non-intrusive, and extremely fast way for clients to find the ideal insurance policy(s) from top-rated carriers at the lowest rates.


Insurance is a topic that most people try to avoid and often misunderstand. It can be overwhelming and intimidating to select the right policy and coverage for your home. 73% of consumers miscalculate the amount of coverage they need. In addition, applications are typically lengthy and customers often have to rely on a licensed agent.


Provide complete transparency into the entire insurance quoting process, save users valuable time and show the lowest prices possible. Provide users with the opportunity to save up to 30%. Enable agents to start a new conversation with current & future buyers!. Instantly provide proof of Insurance for a home purchase in order to expedite the closing process.

Product Improvements

Keller Covered was a live product when I joined KWX. The design team worked on a number of product improvements that include, homepage redesign to convert organic traffic, redesign quote results page to improve quote selection improvement, and Increased mobile conversion by 25% with a cleaner design and CTAs above the fold.

A/B Testing

User testing was conducting and allowed us to better understand the user experience. We tested 3rd-party ratings and reviews from different vendors: Google reviews, Trust Pilot, Nerdwallet, bank rate, purchase now button vs Price on Primary CTA, dividing e-commerce vs call for policy section, and moving personal information to the end of the workflow.

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