Ritual Sister

Packaging design for a pineapple spirit.
Matchbook Distilling Co.
Brand Design Packaging Design Illustration

Ritual Sister

Ritual sister is a spirit distilled from pineapples. Handcrafted in Greenport, New York, 4,000 lbs of pineapple were buried in the ground for 3 days and fermented to perfection. Matchbook Distilling Co. is known for their bespoke production of spirits.

Four unique label designs were created and are inspired by mystical tarot cards. Matchbook Distilling Co. wanted a design that was unique but also incorporated elements of spiritualism. The pendulum hands, and potion bottle brings in the mysticism the client wanted to showcase. The minimal color palette along with the gilded foil, elevates the bottle to a more sophisticated look.

RItual Sister was recognized by PUNCH, a "James Beard Award-winning media brand dedicated to drinks and drinking culture", for its innovative spirit and lovely bottle design.

Photogrpahy By: Matchbook Distilling Co.

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