Keller Home

Keller Home is an app that helps homeowners maintain their home.
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Keller Home

Keller Home is a native app that helps homeowners maintain their home, for home buyers to get their home ready for move in, and for sellers to get ready for sale. The app also provides an opportunity for Keller Williams agent to create a second revenue stream beyond the transaction commission.

Vendor Experience

The App is broken down into 3 separate experiences: agent, consumer, and vendor. My role, as the designer, was to create the vendor experience alongside a team of:

3 Product Designers
35 Engineers
4 Product Managers
1 Product Marketing Manager


Sellers will typically lose approximately $17,000 as part of the negotiation process as a result of not maintaining a home and not completing the Ready-for-sold tasks provided by their agent.


Vendors work with agents they recommend to help sellers get their home ready for sale, help buyers fix items found on the inspection list, and for home owners to maintain their home. Agents provide a preferred list of vendors to clients along with a recommended home maintenance activities list.

Out of the KW Agent preferred vendor list, the Keller Home Pro marketplace houses vendors that clients can use for project needs. Consumers can find other Vendors that have been endorsed by KW Agent(s) via search in the Keller home Pro marketplace to maximize their home's potential sale price. Agents also have the opportunity to make money outside of the transaction for the work they are performing.

Digital Whiteboard

In collaboration with the product manager, we determined what the vendor experience would look like before wireframes were created. A number of working sessions were conducted to identify the flow from onboarding to job creation, and invoicing. The dashboard was also determined based on the needs of vendors.

Process – User flow & wireframes


Vendors can market the professions and services they specialize to customers as part of their business profile to generate leads and potential jobs. A comprehensive profile is created to engage with customers and vendors can promote their business to win job bids. In addition to a basic profile, the vendor can market their business through an advanced profile.

Vendor Dashboard

The dashboard gives access to key workflows for the vendor's business. Vendors can view leads, manage jobs, view financials, gain KW Agent referrals, and chat with potential customers.

Leads Workflow

Vendors are able to view lead cards in the leads section. Clicking on the cards, the vendor can view the job details and determine whether or not they want to submit a quote request. If the user has determined to send a quote, the client receives the submitted bid and can approve or decline the quote.

Job Workflow

The vendor's job workflow allows the user to view the status of active and completed jobs. The cards display the clients name, job title, date, and job location. The vendor can click into the card to view the job details and to schedule a visit to get the project started. In the job overview page, the user can filter to "action required" to encourage the vendor to take action right away. When the "action required" is filtered "scheduling a job" or "submitting an invoice" CTAs pop up on the job card.

Service Area

Vendors can gain marketshare by providing services across various zip codes.The user can select their service area by city or zip codes. A map view or list view can allow the vendor to easily select their area of choice. By selecting or de-selecting the zip code the vendor can select the range of area for their services and make them visible to consumers seeking services for their property in their area.

Invoicing & Payment

When a vendor completes a job, they are able to send an invoice to the customer within the app. The vendor fills out an invoice detailing the hours worked, hourly rate, materials, diagnostic fees, and any other additional fees communicated with the customer. Once the customer approves the invoice, payment is deposited into the vendors bank account. All banking info can be saved and updated securely within the app.


From the Keller Pro Profile a Consumer and Agent is able to schedule a Vendor and engage in 2 way chat with Vendor. Through chat the Consumer can describe the project, get a quote, discuss the project,  be alerted to project completion, and invoicing. The vendor can also chat with Customer Support, if they have any questions or concerns regarding invoicing and payment. Disputes will also be handled with Customer Support.


This proof of concept prototype resulted in 16M in funding for the project. From there we were able to dedicate the entire KWX team and offshore engineering team to the Keller Home project. The MVP is slated for the end of 2021.

Currently, K.W. spends $10B preparing homes for sale through our vendor partnership with HomeAdvisor and gets nothing. From this $10B, we would take a 15% cut, which would result in an additional $1.5B to KWX's revenue. From that $1.5B, we would share $500M with Agents.

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